01/05/2012 12:29 | By Felicity Thistlethwaite, Staff Writer, MSN Entertainment

Why One Direction should be playing the Olympic opening ceremony

MSN's Felicity Thistlethwaite on why Duran Duran are the wrong choice for the Olympic opening concert...

Duran Duran will be at the Olympic Games opening ceremony (© PA)

Duran Duran will be at the Olympic Games opening ceremony

Duran Duran, supergroup of the 1980s, have been announced as the musical talent representing England at a concert marking the start of the Olympic Games.

They will be appearing at the huge opening ceremony alongside Snow Patrol (representing Northern Ireland), Stereophonics (representing Wales) and Paolo Nutini (representing Scotland). But was this the right choice? I can't help but feel a rather obvious choice has been overlooked: One Direction.

Duran Duran's credentials speak for themselves; they formed in 1978, going on to sell millions of records around the world. A British institution, Duran frequently topped the charts during the 1980s thanks to tracks like Rio and Is There Something I Should Know? They were unquestionably the best of then.

But this is now. And as a fan of music both then and now, I can't see Duran Duran lifting the young audience in quite the same way as modern music giants Snow Patrol, Paolo Nutini and Stereophonics. Yes, their fanbase and sales are indisputable. But nostalgia isn't at the top of the Olympic agenda.

The ethos of the Olympic Games is to celebrate up and coming British talent. With young stars like diver Tom Daley and field and track superstar Jessica Ennis in the running for Olympic gold medals this summer, shouldn't England be represented by raw, young musical talent?

Surely we should use this opportunity to flaunt One Direction? Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam had the fastest-selling debut album of 2011 in the UK and they have achieved huge success overseas. One Direction are the first UK pop group to debut at number one on the US album chart.

One Direction: biggest boyband in the world (© PS)

One Direction: biggest boyband in the world

In addition, they inspire scenes reminiscent of Beatlemania; girls flock to them and their fans are suitably fanatic. So what better way to get the youth of our country involved in the Olympic Games? And let's be honest (no show of hands necessary, we know who you are), who doesn't enjoy singing along to What Makes You Beautiful?

The One Direction boys are, without a doubt, the biggest pop stars in the world right now; they can stand alongside music giants Snow Patrol, Stereophonics and Paolo Nutini with their heads held high.

With a BRIT award under their belt, a highly successful tour of America and Australia completed and their media presence ever growing - it is absurd the boys have been overlooked as performers for this monumental event while 1980s crooners Duran Duran have been booked.

With the eyes of the world on Britain this summer, I think we should be celebrating the best of now, the best of today, the best of British - not the best of the 1980s.

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