I've christened this week 'epic new singles week' (I think that's pretty self-explanatory). A 'one to watch' blooms, a controversial video looms, there's a big comeback track, a good girl who's been bad and more...

Clare Maguire

Clare Maguire: The Last Dance

She's the lady who's been in numerous 'Ones to Watch' polls for this year, (including MSN's) and deservedly so. With many comparing her to Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and Stevie Nicks, Clare Maguire has a powerful, dusky voice that is stunning and enchanting. The Last Dance is an epic Alt-pop track she was inspired to write the day after the death of Michael Jackson (the song takes on a whole new persona when you listen to it with that in mind) and was created with production and songwriting-guru Fraser T Smith. The raven-haired beauty has now firmly landed with this tune and I'm sure many now can't wait to hear Clare's debut album Light After Dark, released 28 February.

Take That: Kidz

They stormed the stage with police, riot shields and clothes-shedding youngsters at the BRIT awards performing this track and to coincide with it, they've brought forward the release of Kidz from the record-breaking album Progress. Mark takes a spin on lead vocals on the verses and Gary belts out the chorus. This gutsy tune will have you foot-stomping, singing along with Gary and la la la la-ing until the very end.

P!nk: (F***in) Perfect

Taken from the Greatest Hits... So Far!!! album, Pink releases another hit in the making with a controversial video (there's a 'clean' version for those of a sensitive disposition) to get her message across. A touching and emotional track with a hard-hitting edge, nearly thirty single releases down the line, Pink still delivers top-notch Pop songs in a league of their own.

Lupe Fiasco: The Show Goes On

He's finally back, after an unwanted delay The Show Goes On indeed for Lupe with the first single release from his very highly-anticipated album now reaching UK shores. The perfect return track for the American rapper, he's sharing his motivated mood "Yeah, ain't nobody leaving, nobody going home / Even if they turn the lights out, the show is goin' on!"

Alexis Jordan: Good Girl

The 18-year-old Roc Nation starlet is back with another corker of a dancey Pop song. Good Girl sees Alexis with her 'swag on' in full effect, looking and sounding gorgeous and breaking out some wicked dance moves whilst telling her admirers "you better have some cake", not the eating kind that is... Her self-titled debut album follows soon, on 28 February.

The Script: If You Ever Come Back

In the third single from their now-platinum album Science & Faith, The Script are "[leaving] the door on the latch... and a key under the mat" wishing their lady in question would come back and things would return to as they were. Another beautifully articulated story of relationship troubles from the Irish trio.

Kanye West: All of the Lights

Taken from the massive album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, big and bashy All of The Lights features Rihanna on the chorus and no less than ten further special guests including a host of US music stars and the UK's own Elton John and Elly Jackson.

Pitbull featuring T-Pain: Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)

'Mr Worldwide' Pitbull has enlisted the help of the King of Autotune, T-Pain, on this bonafide dancefloor banger which will undoubtedly have the ladies and gents shakin' it up in clubs across the globe.

Prediction for the top spot next week: I reckon Gaga will still be reigning supreme.

If Gaga weren't around I would love a number one for: Clare Maguire

Free music: speaking of Clare Maguire, you can pick up another song of hers, Lucky, thanks to our friends at Zune.