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Sheeran penned 26 new album tracks

Ed Sheeran has been on the road with Rizzle Kicks

Ed Sheeran has been on the road with Rizzle Kicks

Ed Sheeran has been on the road with Rizzle Kicks

Ed Sheeran has been busy - he's written almost 30 songs for his second album.

The 21-year-old, who released his debut album in 2011, is currently touring and is hoping to have a break when he finishes.

The star said: "I've done a fair bit. I've written 26 songs for the next album.

"It'll be released in early 2014, at the earliest. I want to have a couple of months off at the end of the year. This tour is so long."

Singer-songwriter Ed is touring until September, and has Rizzle Kicks supporting him in the US.

He said of the band: "They're great... I love touring with them."

Ed is also a newly-appointed patron of Youth Music Theatre UK, which he was involved in when he was 16.

He said: "I didn't need to think about saying yes. I probably don't know a great deal about theatre, but it's always important to help inspire young kids if you can. And when I was involved myself, more important than the actual acting was the relationships I formed.

"YMT brings out people's talents, and confidence, and if you're an artistic person, you might not end up going to university. One of the main things of university is meeting people and getting confidence, so here's a chance to help with that."

: Ed Sheeran is a patron of Youth Music Theatre UK. Auditions for actors, singers, dancers, musicians and technicians aged 11-21 are being held across the UK throughout January and February. For more information, visit www.youthmusictheatreuk.org.

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27/01/2013 13:43
He is a really talented writer (One Direction owe him a debt of gratitude for some of their biggest hits) and performer he is a great patron to have onboard for Youth Music Theatre UK ...
28/01/2013 09:30
Top songwriter, original and unique....need more like Ed...Keep it up buddy!


Well done kiddo, but I have not one idea who you are.


At least they'll be original songs and not covers!

27/01/2013 17:37
Not a fan of his music, but it's refreshing to see a real artist who writes, composes and performs all of his own material.
28/01/2013 15:03
He's very good but I prefer Jake Bugg 
27/01/2013 20:09
ye great but who the hell is/are rizzle kicks
27/01/2013 10:57

Ed is such a nice honest person and always sees the positive side to every situation--

---but his songs are so weak, watery and meaningless----write a song in 5 mins and it lasts 5 mins!

All the best to you Ed --but do give us something decent to listen to.

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