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Shaw condemns Cowell domination

Sandie Shaw is not happy with the current state of the music industry

Sandie Shaw is not happy with the current state of the music industry

Sandie Shaw is not happy with the current state of the music industry

Sandie Shaw has complained that the music industry is dominated by "Simon Cowell-type stuff" with the artists as "mere puppets".

The 60s singer also told the Culture, Media and Sport select committee that some of the best music is going unheard because artists who do not have the kind of privileged background enjoyed by Mumford And Sons are struggling to make it.

Sandie, 66, who had a huge hit with (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me, hit out at banks and record companies for not doing enough for musicians from poorer backgrounds. Her comments come after chart-topping folk band Mumford And Sons, who went to fee-paying schools, have had huge success in the US.

The singer said: "Finance is the biggest barrier for emerging artists. At the moment, unless you're Mumford And Sons and come from a public school and have a rich family that can support you, you're on the dole and you're trying to work and by the time you get a sniff of a record contract you just grab anything that they might offer you."

Sandie, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 with Puppet On A String, said emerging artists needed help so they could negotiate on "fair grounds with record companies".

"Banks do not lend money to creators ... and they don't know how ... they know nothing about creators," she said.

Sandie told MPs: "So many artists are disadvantaged. They cannot start because of their background and the best music comes from those in challenging backgrounds, it comes from Glasgow, Manchester, Essex, it comes from places and people that are really struggling to make some meaning out of their existence.

"So all we're getting is a load of Simon Cowell-type stuff that is being paid for and owned by people and the artists are just mere puppets."

When an MP asked Sandie about Oscar-winning singer Adele, who is from a working class background and complained about paying 50 per cent tax in a magazine interview, she said: "She's a great ambassador for British music. We should support Adele. We shouldn't be attacking her."

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29/03/2013 21:38

well said sandie

now just get some of the other people in this industry to agree with you and then try to stop cowells domination

the music industry will be good again if that ever happens

01/04/2013 12:14

100% sandie, cowell ruined the music in this country, now its time someone ruined him.

iv'e just one name for him-----------cretin.

01/04/2013 15:11
 Unfortunately she is right.
The big money spinning corporations have all the power, while the people with all the talent and creativity get exploited.
However I don't think this is a new problem, nor is it confined to music.
I think perhaps it's just increasingly evident that the main driving force in music and pop culture today is no longer talent, creativity or the desire to make good music, but money and the desire to be famous. It's less about how you sound and what you can do, and more about the image and how much you are willing to play up to the cameras.
Which is sad. Because good musicians still are out there is you care to look outside the box.

01/04/2013 17:04
What the hell does she know about todays music, her head is still in the 1960's.

How the hell is Simon Cowell ruining the Music industry, if the public like that singer and music they will buy it, if they don't there will be no sales.  If Cowell's music ios dominating the charts it's because they're the more popular.

And besides the amount of Reality stars in the charts pale into insignificance from the rest, take a look at the Top 40, who's Number 1 right now? It's not a Cowell product, In fact take a look at the entire Top 40 and count the amount of TV REALITY artists are in there, in fact don't bother I'll tell you...........ONE, and that is the One Direction Comic Relief Single and it's at Numer 12,  who was Number 1 last week, how many in all honesty weeks a year are held by X Factor Contestants.

Face Facts, music is being distributed and created the same way it always has been, people getting recognised for their talent.

The real problem is that DOWNLOADS are now considered as sales, so thats why the charts consist of so many songs by the same artist.

It's also why Artists are now releasing an album 1 week after their debut single, think about it people are downloading the Album, so each song on that album gets 1 Download, and that is why by the time they've released their 3rd Single, they're releasing another Album, for more songs to be downloaded, otherwise they would be releasing Singles that were on the Album and had already been Downloaded, hence their Single Sales start to drop.

If an X Factor contestant gets to Number 1 it's because they have a big fanbase, if a song by someone else doesn't it's because their fanbase is not as big.
Well having had the misfortune to have to deal with her back in her short lived stardom .Its a bit rich coming from her " Puppet on a String "" I rest my case !!
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