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Jessie J: I'm proud of Britney song

Jessie J has said writing a song for Britney Spears was an "incredible opportunity".

Jessie J has written lyrics for Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown

Jessie J has written lyrics for Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown

Jessie J has said writing a song for Britney Spears was an "incredible opportunity".

The Price Tag singer-songwriter penned an aptly titled track Being Britney for the pop star's upcoming Femme Fatale album, which failed to make the final cut.

But Jessie is fine with it, telling MTV.com: "I think [it's a] misunderstanding that just because I'm Jessie J, it doesn't mean that I get pumped up to the top-three choice - it means that I write a song and if it doesn't go on it, it doesn't go on it. She probably had every major songwriter in the world write a song for her."

The 22-year-old continued: "It's just, to even have the opportunity to write a song for her is still incredible. As a songwriter, I'm still taking baby steps. You have to write 10 songs to get one good one and, realistically, I don't have time to write 10. It was a good song though."

Jessie - who has written lyrics for Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown - admitted it would be difficult to pitch the song she wrote for Britney to another artist.

"It's hard to pitch it unless it's Whitney. It was a really cool song, but it is what it is; it happens for a reason. For me, one thing I love about Britney Spears is she is Britney Spears: No one can come and try and steal her path, her lane and that's what I love about her, " she added.

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26/03/2011 21:52
I like the girl, I must admit! She is right even when she's wrong. A song's good when one feels good about it, isn't it?
Thanks Britney, you heard of her, the least.

The girl's all woman and that's what men are all after, after all. 

She makes her music enjoyable coz men want hear the message women spread out there.

Keep it up Jesse, we love you!

26/03/2011 20:57
im glad it didnt make the cut why should britney become more famous on jessie j's talent when jessie j has more talent in a strand of hair than she does in her entire body
26/03/2011 20:47
26/03/2011 17:50
Good glad she snubbed her song she is not good enough to write for Britney!
26/03/2011 17:42
britney is the besttt, jessie j ur a good person tht understandz britney iz a legend and ur a very good artist too...i wanna kno wat the song waz!!NoteOpen-mouthed
26/03/2011 16:04

Well don't be too down Jessie J.

Britney is a horrible performer and can only sing "ok" with the help of a studio/auto-tune.


Party in the USA is like an American Girls Anthem and it was a great song for you to write for Miley, britney's just a ****, she even turned down telephone the song of 2010 so it's not just you.


Be happy you're not on that idiot's album¬!

26/03/2011 14:07

I like Jessie-J's song: "Looking like a dude"

Tongue out

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