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B.O.B knocks JLS from top spot

Rapper B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams knocked boyband JLS from the top of the charts with the single Airplanes.

Rapper B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams knocked boyband JLS from the top of the charts with the single Airplanes.

The 2008 X Factor runners-up slipped to number seven with their new song The Club Is Alive.

We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool vs D Cup climbed three places from five to two.

Katy Perry and rapper Snoop Dogg also dropped from two to four after spending a couple of weeks at number one with their hit California Gurls.

US rapper Eminem featuring Rihanna moved up one place to number three with their song Love The Way You Lie.

Katie Price failed to make the top 40, with her dance track Free To Love Again entering the charts at number 60 despite a publicity blitz.

There were three new entries in the singles chart, including Professor Green featuring Lily Allen at number five with Just Be Good To Green, plus Mark Ronson & The Business Intl at number six with Bang Bang Bang.

Pop princess Kylie Minogue was also toppled from the number one spot in the album charts with her record Aphrodite, swapping positions with Eminem. He had previously been number one with his album Recovery.

Kylie's first release from her 11th studio album, the dance track All The Lovers, slipped three places from nine to twelve in the singles chart.

The highest of the seven new entries in the album chart was Eliza Doolittle with her self titled release Eliza Doolittle, according to the The Official UK Charts Company.

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20/07/2010 18:41
Look i'm sorry yeh for apparently offending you and i'm glad B.o.B is no.1 coz Airplanes is such a gud song yeh bt y yu bein bare rude for and gettin all vexed? Just calm your hype :P
And thanks Kazhansen everyone is allowed ther own opinion-yu sed yours(OMG-OMG512) and i ws jus sayin mine :]]
19/07/2010 16:46

im 15 and i love all the newest hits BUT i still listen to old music i love country & western, some jazz/blues, The Beatles, Madonna, Beejees, Abba, Elvis, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Ricky Aston, Michael Jackson, Mike Oldfield, Anastacia, Backstreet Boys and all the 60's and onwards!!! im a girl who loves her music and knows what she is talkin about :) i do like JLS but everyone is allowed their own opinion!


The only "pop" artist i really don't like is Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Miley is only famous because of who her dad is (Billy Ray Cyrus) and Justin is a girl trapped in a boy's body. Sorry, Miley and Justin fans, no disrespect its my opinion.


Although i agree some of todays music is absolutely stupid and makes no sense, they have good beats to dance to which is what i love about music :D ****

19/07/2010 14:02

Thank goodness that poor, incoherent version of JLS's rendition of "The Club Is Alive" is no longer top of the charts.  How it managed to get there is beyond me.  I was trying to make out what it was when I first heard it and boy how I wished I had stopped at the first attempt.  Leave it to the original version  which was "The Sound Of Music". JLS, your remix could not have taken more than two minutes to produce.


I was reading a Sunday newspaper yesterday and could not believe what I was reading.  I had to take a double take.  It was JB of JLS.  Apparently, after a shopping trip to Sainsbury's he joined the queue to pay for his purchases.  He handed the cashier his credit card and the transaction declined the payment time and time again.  Then he was sent to the back of the queue.  Even his so-called celebrity status, or should I say lack of it,  could not help him out of this one.  In the end, he had to phone a friend to rescue him.  Talk about poor financial judgement!   I think he should pack in the band and  join Chris Tarrant.  If he ever needs to phone a friend , he can ask him and take his other idiot pals with him!


Rock on B.O.B love the song and  am glad that this week's number one is worthy of the spot.



Crying Tears of joy. Yipee!


whoo don't we get upset I'm 70 yrs of age and still love pop music there's some good stuff out there in the charts

not too keen on rap or screaming squawking divas though but lovin' Pixie Lott ,Alex Burke, lady Gaga the Saturdays,Amy Winehouse ,Blackeyed Peas, Kings of Leon,Take That Michael Buble, & JLS could go on forever and I still love the Golden oldies,if you don't like it switch off simples!

19/07/2010 11:22

God, music nowadays are all rubbish money making ****e. C'mon Justin Bieber? JLS? Jonas Suckers? Miley Cyrus? Lady Gaga? PISH!!!!!!


They only keep making these "music" because stupid teens thinking listening to these makes them look cool. Balls!!!!


Whatever happend to feel good music, to songs that people actually wrote that actually sounded good, to GREAT ARTISTS like The Beatles, James Brown, Elvis, Oasis, Smokey Robinson, to the 60s, 70s, 80s n even the 90s???


**** all the crap that is on the radio on nowadays and **** all the talentless "artists" that make money from songs "coz its got a nae bad beat to it"


This is from a 16 year old. So **** you if you think my music is ancient and only liked by old people. At least they know what actual music is.

19/07/2010 11:04
19/07/2010 08:49

B.O.B. don't need the last "B"

BO says it all..............

19/07/2010 06:40
apart from katy perry they are all a load S H I T
18/07/2010 23:05
NOOO!CryingCryingCryingI luv JLS! B.o.B's song is amazing bt I cnt believe JLS is NO.7!!Surprised It's not lyk ther best song but...
They r behind California GurlsSad I mean no offense yeh bt The Club Is Alive is MUCH better... in my opinion anywaysDisappointed
JLS-iloveyouRed heartxx
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