04/01/2012 13:02 | By James Hurley, editor, MSN Music
Cheekiest album titles ever

Paul McCartney - Kisses On The Bottom

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell (© PA)
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We've known for a while that Paul McCartney's next album is a collection of pre-rock and roll covers (plus two original compositions).

What we didn't know until now is that he's calling it Kisses On The Bottom!

Now before you jump to smutty conclusions, the title refers to kisses one might leave at the bottom of a letter.

You know, in the olden days before technology had been invented.

While we don't doubt this explanation for a moment, we're also well aware of Macca's fondness for a cheeky pun (see what we did there?), so we're quite sure the old goat's enjoying the innuendo too.

Keep clicking for a selection of our favourite cheekily-titled albums...

04/01/2012 21:58


Wonga. wonga, wonga. we lend you all our wonga ,we lend you  all our wonga with pride,but if you  should take longa in paying back our wonga we'll come after your raw hide yeee haaa

jeff white, if you like listening to a mix of jazz / soft rock with strange, drug induced, hard to understand lyrics, fine, but dont run down one of the greatest songwriters of all time who has outsold Zappa a million times over.
04/01/2012 19:05
I suppose Ian Hunter's album could have been titled "Your'e Never Alone With A Clone"
04/01/2012 23:24
@ optimus

Isn't it more difficult to write a song only using three chords when you have more at your
However many he used he's produced some memorable songs,some of which will
probably be classed as evergreen classics.
04/01/2012 23:20
REO Speedwagon ,,    " You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish " 1990 album,,
04/01/2012 22:07

'Sheik Yerbouti' would have been the Zappa album best suited to this article I think.


'Weasels ripped..' is just a superb eye-catching album cover.

23/01/2012 20:49

The Paul McCartney haters love to just bash the man!  It's so typical now that no one pays attention!  The man is the greatest rock star ever!!


What a great album title and I think McCartney is letting all those haters know how he feels about their never ending crucifiction of him!


I can't wait to get this new album!



04/01/2012 23:53
i was hoping to see extreme's pornograffiti in that list :-( hey-ho!
04/01/2012 21:32
How about  Accept - Balls To The Wall?
04/01/2012 22:14

poor paul does'nt know he's crap. zappa is tthe best


04/01/2012 22:34
the beatles have always been my heroes but in recent years for some unknown reason mcartney has annoyed me,john lennon was always my favourite and continues to be to this day after 40 odd years of idolising the beatles,paul's music recently has been pretty dissapointing but i wouldn't say he's crap he's a bit of a genius to be honest.
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