18/09/2012 09:26 | By James Hurley, editor, MSN Music
Farmer forgives Rihanna for raunchy video


Rihanna (© Rex)
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Rihanna shares a joke with one of her entourage.

27/09/2011 13:37

What is the hype with Rihanna?I used to like the girl, but now she just looks like an absolute ****.She acts promiscuous all the time, in every bloody video she insists on it.She has a good voice, what else do you need?You don't need to parade your body in order to get publicity.


Just put them away Rihanna, your not that attractive, yes she's very good looking with makeup,but then,what celebrity isn't?It's when you take off their makeup then you see that this industry is all smoke and mirrors.


I see better looking people just walking through town, and it doesn't take them five hours to look good.

28/09/2011 08:09
When has being a singer changed into doing a semi porn show to sell records. Are there voices so poor they need soft porn to sell records, if so it is time for career change. Shame on you, you silly woman. P45 time
27/09/2011 13:36
If  the songs are good - why the need to make raunchy video's? Why not just strolling through the fields, walking by a stream etc in fully clothed mode?  Maybe she doesn't feel her songs are good enough to stand on their own merit!
Personally I think the farmer was great in standing up for his own moral standards! Good on him!
Its about time that these so called stars should be told to cover up a little, please do not get me wrong I like a nicely shaped young lady as well as the next guy.  But the farmer was right to express his views and good on him, remember it was his land.  Our morals have been slipping for years and its about time this was put right.
27/09/2011 13:43
I'm not a fan of her music but that's my preference, if you really must get your kit of and flash you bits get a job in a strip joint, Aretha Franklin never had to resort to such obvious tricks to sell her work
27/09/2011 18:05

Call me oldfashioned but...

Why is it that all these girly singers seem to find it absolutely vital to prance around half naked and put all their bits and pieces on show?

I just don't get it.

Not what I would call role models for teenage girls.


I am all for having some "fun", but....the right time and the right place.

You put yourself on show acting like a ****, you will ultimately be treated like a ****.


Oh wait.....could it have something to do with the fact that half of them can't sing?

27/09/2011 21:44
As a twenty odd year old, even I think her style is slightly too raunchy. I know sex sells and within the media industry, women are seen as sex objects but I personally think it is encouraging young teenage girls to follow her style. I find it slightly uncomfortable to see them dressed next to nothing, esp with all the stories about peodophiles. Don't get me wrong, it is fine flashing some flesh but not just to the extend of Rihanna and other female pop stars of her time.

Thumbs up to the farmer who asked Rihanna to put some clothes on!!! Making videos in this fashion has nothing to do with singing, it is provocative and unneccesary!! She obviously does not respect her body or her reputation. It is these kind of videos which corrupt our young people especially our young girls. Role models like Rihanna are bad for our society.


I don't live in Ireland and I don't think you need to to feel so disgusted at this kind of behaviour.


Oh, and I do have a life and I do respect myself and have taught my girls to respect themselves too.





28/09/2011 07:30
cant sing, using sex to sell her 'music' - like so many others. pathetic
27/09/2011 20:44
i know this farmer personally and his whole family, i saw this on tv and as soon as i did i knew that he would do this, as he and his family are a true christian family, it is against his faith and he was entitled to stop the filming on his land, did the film company explain everything to him when they first asked his permission to film on his land? i think not, if they did it would not have gotten this far, he has the rite to stop this as it was NOT clearly explained to him from the off, the film company must take the blame for this and not the gentleman in question.
28/09/2011 06:53
if she's just adjusting her bikini top why has she adopted the 'I'm in ecstasy pose' i.e. eyes shut, face upturned, boobs clutched in both full hands? looks like a porn shot to me.

very bad role model for young girls as it's normal to adjust one's cleavage behind a towel

28/09/2011 09:06
She is a very successful exploiter of a fan base defined by its utter fecklessness and lack of sophistication. Typical of the majority of pop fans in Britain today. There was a time when it was not necessary to use explicit sex to sell pop music.There was a time when the fan base was sophisticated and discerning enough to buy a song because of its musical qualities. It was neither necessary to use sexual gimmickry to sell the song nor to fill the song with sexual lyrics and foul language in order to ensure its connection with potential buyers.Katie Melua may not "fit" the stereotype preferred by the gutter fans but she sure knows how to write and sing a song that doesn't need unneccessarily raunchy lyrics nor unnecessarily raunchy videos to give it a sellable quality. Actually, this girl Rhianna has a good voice. It's a shame she has to prostitute it on the altar of greed driven profit obsession.
27/09/2011 13:35
Good on him for saying what he felt. It was his land and if she wants to parade her body and let kids watch it and let them think what she does is normal so they copy it, then she can do it else where. What most of you don't think about is where does it stop, already some videos have naked bodies in them, some show dead people. How much more corrosion will their be before you even say enough is enough.
27/09/2011 23:26
He stood up for what he believes is right, there is nothing wrong with that in this case.
27/09/2011 18:12

I think the farmer was right  for asking her to put some clothes on! At the end of the day, it's his land, whatever happens on his land, he is responsible for it.  Rihanna caused problems for     x factor last year cause she was practically naked on stage, the girl needs to learn to wear a lot more clothes. Just because she has loads of money it doesn't give her the right to disrespect the farmer,  And just because he's a decent man for asking her to stop & get dressed DOES NOT MAKE HIM GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And Zoe Anna, you might have lived here in Northern Ireland for a couple years, but you haven't got a clue what you're talking about!!!  I have lived here all my life, 32 years, & you  are spouting rubbish. Don't start saying stuff you have no idea about, you could get yourself in trouble you silly girl!

28/09/2011 08:03
Message to Rhianna: Put your t#ts away and take some singing lessons. You are an example of style over substance. Singing 4 notes through your nose and then tuning it through Autotune isn't singing.......
27/09/2011 22:13
Na man on the level though, she is getting OTT ! That's F**ked. After getting battered by Chris Brown she hasn't learnt a lesson NO OFFENCE. Gosh man the next thing you will see is her doing porn. I don't let my family members watch it, it is disturbing and then again no respect. 
27/09/2011 21:20
Call  me old fashioned but I have to agree with the farmer. The way Rihanna and many more like her dress and behave is unacceptable. It debases women and is totally unnecessary if you have any talent at all. Yes, people are free to wear whatever they want and behave as they choose but not if it is illegal or makes others feel uncomfortable.
28/09/2011 07:32
A great publicity stunt, if the farmer had said nothing then the general public would not of even known the shoot had taken place, farmer complains and the whole world hears yet again of a talented singer acting like a slapper, she must feel so insecure, get real girl you don't need to behave like this, you could be the type of role model the young girls of this country need. 
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