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X Factor Katie Waissel's rock-chic reinvention!

The controversial X Factor contestant is set to return to the music industry with soft-rock band Red Velvet…

Shooting to fame in a cloud of controversy during the X Factor 2010, you could forgive singer Katie Waissel for wanting to disappear into obscurity to live a simple, hassle-free life. But the feisty rock chick has thrown herself back into the limelight with her new band, Red Velvet.

Katie Waissel (© Outside Org)

Katie rocks the stage with band Red Velvet

The band played its first gig in London at the historic Monto Water Rats venue on a wet day in April to a few hundred people. While waiting for Katie and the band to appear stage, the simplicity of the event directly contrasted with what we had read about Katie's alleged diva-esque behaviour during her time on the X Factor.

Clearly worried about her first performance with new band Red Velvet, Katie took to Twitter earlier in the day, saying: "So excited not long now, wish me luck guys!! #brickingit #cantwait".

As the band came on, the crowd surged forward and newly-brunette Katie jumped on stage with a wealth of bouncing curls and a giant grin.

Katie Waissel (© Outside Org)

From X Factor to Red Velvet, Katie Waissel sings with her new band

With ska and rock undertones, Red Velvet rocked their way through a selection of songs. From heavy rock tunes with guitar riffs Guns N' Roses would be proud of to pop-rock ballads reminiscent of early No Doubt hits, it looks like Katie has found a genre she is not only comfortable in, but is bloody good at!

Katie Waissel (© Outside Org)

Katie shows off her rock star chic

Two songs in particular stood out during the performance: Gloria and NRG.

Gloria was a slow, ballad-like song with a lighter guitar presence than the previous few tracks. For the first time during the performance, Katie stood still and we heard the clear, crisp vocals she was renowned for during her time on the TV talent show.

Pausing for a moment during the song, Katie took the time to thank a member of the audience who helped write the song with her. It was hard to believe this was once the girl that sat on the X Factor stage in front of millions, and begged for her place in the show while singing Please Don't Give Up On Me.

The finale to the show was NRG, an upbeat track we think is guaranteed to be a hit. With an Adam and the Ants 'Stand and Deliver' beat kicking off the track, Katie - wearing a crop-top with the word Peace scrawled across the front - quite literally threw herself into the song, jumping off the stage into the audience.

The former X Factor star sang: "We are the NRG," repeatedly, with a foot-stomping guitar riff following the lyrics, while members of the audience shouted "We love you Katie" and "You're the best".

Eventually, she rejoined the band, thanked the audience for coming and left through a very un-Hollywood stage door to her right.

It could have been a difficult transition for Katie, going from notorious X Factor contestant to rock chick. But with the support of her band, Red Velvet, it looks like she's back on the path to a successful career.

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