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World Cup 2014: Jennifer Lopez fans complain about the sound

World Cup 2014: Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and the Opening Ceremony

Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Cláudia Leitte (© AP)
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And so it begins. The Fifa 2014 World Cup got off to a less-than-ideal start thanks to an Opening Ceremony marred by awful sound. Confused ITV viewers took to social media to ask if others were experiencing the same thing. This tweet from @CarlyJ26 was fairly typical: “Is it just my telly or is the sound from the World Cup Opening Ceremony c**p?”

An ITV spokesperson said: "The sound problem that regrettably caused some disruption to viewers was caused by a technical issue with the host broadcaster, which provides the coverage of all the action at this year's World Cup."

But that wasn't the only problem for the commercial broadcaster; ITV Player couldn't cope with the volume of traffic during the opener between Brazil and Croatia and this sparked complaints from angry users. Oh dear.

Back to the show, staged at the Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo, which started with a welcome to the countries playing (in their own languages - a nice touch) and closed with a performance by Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Brazilian pop star Cláudia Leitte. The trio sang We Are One (Ole Ola), the official Fifa World Cup song - a well-meaning ditty about international unity.

Hundreds of dancers took part in the Opening Ceremony, themed as a tribute to Brazil, its treasures, its natural beauty, its diverse people and – of course - football. The spectacle of colour looked amazing, but came over as rather odd on the small screen.

J.Lo added star power to proceedings, even if some were bemused by her appearance (after all, she’s not even Brazilian; she’s American with Puerto Rican parents). Jenny-from-the-block rocked the house in her heels, shaking her famous derriere for all that it’s worth (rumored to be insured for well over $20 million).

As for Pitbull (American, but with Cuban parents) – most of the derision was aimed at his tight, white, naff trousers (did he wear J.Lo’s by mistake?). When it wasn’t being directed at the poor sound system, that is.

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