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Tulisa webchat: she answers YOUR questions!

We spoke to the self-proclaimed Female Boss, and put your questions to her... Did she answer your question? Read through to find out...

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We spoke to popstar Tulisa

No longer just a young girl with big dreams from North London, Tulisa Contostavlos can now say she is a bona fide star in her own right.

Her rise to fame started alongside cousin Costadinos 'Dappy' Contostavlos and best friend Richard 'Fazer' Rawson as part of N-Dubz. The only girl in the three-piece group, Tulisa stood out as the feisty singer with a cracking pair of lungs. Quickly selling out arena tours and notching up several top ten singles, such as I Need You and Playing With Fire, the group was a huge success.

The self-titled Female Boss branched out from the group after being asked by music mogul Simon Cowell to join the judging panel for the new series of the X Factor, 2011, and went on to win the show with new girl group Little Mix.

With her debut solo single, Young, out on 29 April, she has received huge amounts of praise for the catchy tune - and we were lucky enough to talk to her and ask her the questions YOU wanted to know the answers to:

Are you going 2 do a collaboration with little mix and or Jessie J as this would be amazing?
I've definitely been in talks about collaboration with Little Mix but nothing has been confirmed as yet. I'd definitely be up for a collaboration with Jessie J but nothing has been confirmed yet

The album as it stands is called?
The Female Boss and should be out in November! There will be collaborations on the album but nothing I can confirm!

Tulisa arrives at MSN Entertainment

When you return to the X Factor this year is there anything you'll do differently?
When I return I don't think I'll do anything different, I'm still a young woman and as each year goes by, I feel I grow.

What has been the best present a fan has ever given you?
I love Capri Sun (sic) and Jelly and Lucozade and my true fans know what I like and they bring me Jelly and Capri Sun!

Most exciting thing about being solo?
The lack of stress!

What is your favourite track at the moment?
I really love Jessie J Domino - it's a remix, it's possibly a Kiss 100 mix. I've heard it on Kiss 100

If you weren't famous, what would your dream job be?
I don't really know, I've never thought about it, but I can say I did want to be an archaeologist

When you were younger who did you look up to in music?
When I was younger my idol was Michael Jackson

Does it feel a bit lonely singing without the boys nowadays?
The one thing I miss about not being in a group is having to perform a stage on your own. I miss being able to bounce off each other on stage.

Corrie or Eastenders?

Fave artist to listen to at the moment?

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
In a humungous house with lots of money and loads of businesses...

What is the one newspaper headline you'd love to read about yourself?
Tulisa storms the charts!

When will you be touring?
I am doing festivals all summer. I should hopefully have a tour coming up next year.

What's the best thing about being an X Factor judge?
Being able to change people's lives.

Whats your biggest regret in life?
I don't deal with regrets. #noregrets #bigupdaps

How to do you feel when you're reading/being told how much you inspire people & how much they love you?
Reading things like that give me a reason to be doing what I'm doing. When I read things like that it makes me feel, self-worth when it comes to my career.

What's your favourite home-made meal you like cooking?
I have many. I am a chef of all dishes around the world! I would say, I don't have a personal favourite to cook myself but everyone else's personal favourite is either my roast dinner or my pesto pasta!

What's your best memory of being in NDubz?
Selling out the O2 arena!

Do you get sick of being followed by papz & always being in mags now, most of the time for a load of crap?
I get sick of them writing lies about me or my life. As for the paps, I tend to not notice when they're there, it bugs me during personal days.

You're always so glam now, do you ever wish you could still go out in public in whatever you want?
I do go out in public whenever I want, it does bug me that I can't just go to a local pub anymore or to the cinema

Please don't ditch the UK for America T? So many celebs do now!
It can frustrate me that when people talk about artists going to America, they take it offensively. As an artist, you're there to entertain and you want to take your music to the rest of hte world. I will always live in England and care about my British fans. I will go over to America to make music and release over there but it doesn't mean I'm going to forget about the UK.

Message from Tulisa for her fans: Love you all, thank you for all of the support you've given me with everything and especially with my new single, can't wait to get back on the road and mingle with all of you guys. Lots of love x

Ahhh we love you too Tulisa! Come back soon...

Pre-order Tulisa's young here!

Visit Tulisa's official website!

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