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Rihanna celebrates International Marijuana Day with cannabis cake

The Bajan superstar risks backlash over increasingly public references to dodgy cigarettes...

Rihanna has never been shy when it comes to controversy but she may be risking a backlash from fans for her increasingly frequent drug references. The Bajan superstar celebrated International Marijuana Day by tweeting a picture of her enjoying a suspicious-looking rolled-up cigarette and then, in case there was any doubt, a photo of a cannabis-themed cake.

Rihanna (© Rihanna, Twitter)

Rihanna smokes a dodgy cigarette

Underneath the cake, the message “Happy 4/20 Riri!!!” can be seen - a reference to International Marijuana Day which sees marches and festivals around the globe advocating the drug's legalisation.

Rihanna's cannabis-themed cake (© Rihanna, Twitter)

Rihanna's cannabis-themed cake

This isn't the first time Rihanna's sparked controversy for her public endorsement of marijuana. She was photographed on-stage last year wearing a top with a cannabis leaf design and tweeted not one but two dope-themed Valentine's messages back in February.

Rihanna on stage in Berlin (© Rex)

Rihanna on stage in Berlin last year

The first came on Valentine's Day itself and depicts a hand holding a rolled-up cigarette with the words "Mary Jane will be my Valentine" superimposed over a cloud of smoke. Mary Jane is an old-fashioned euphemism for marijuana. Rihanna then added the message: "Love me...I'm #DOPE".

Rihanna's Valentine's message (© Rihanna, Instagram)

Rihanna's first Valentine's drug reference

The second, tweeted on February 15, shows a large marijuana plant grown in the shape of a leaf and was accompanied by the words, "Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy".

Rihanna's second Valentine's tweet (© Rihanna, Instagram)

Rihanna's second Valentine's tweet

While many of the 24 year-old's fans seem unperturbed by her repeated drug references, some expressed their disapproval on Twitter. One said simply, "Don't do it riri<3:;", while another, presumably sarcastically (and with suspiciously good grammar, it must be said), wrote: "You're a great #rolemodel to your millions of young fans, #Rihanna."

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The video for Rihanna's latest single Stay premiered on February 11. Watch it in the player below.

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