23/11/2011 16:43 | By James Hurley, editor, MSN Music

Cliff Richard: "I'm the only radical person around"

With his new Soulicious DVD out in time for Christmas, Sir Cliff Richard tells MSN how he's the only pop star out there with the guts to be different…

Did you know Sir Cliff Richard is the biggest-selling singles artist in UK chart history? Bigger even than Elvis or The Beatles? Not only that, have you heard that a new 1960s radio station has banned him from their playlist for not being cool enough? Cliff's heard and he's not impressed...

Sir Cliff Richard (© PA)

Off camera nugget:
We weren't actually going to bring up the Absolute Radio thing. We thought he might not have heard and anyway, we had no intention of upsetting the man.

He knew all about it though and, as you'll see for yourself, had plenty to say. We just hope he can appreciate the irony of finishing a rant on the subject with the words, "There is no point festering over this because it is of no consequence to me". We suspect not.

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