James Hurley
01/12/2010 17:17 | By James Hurley, editor, MSN Music

What will music be like in 2025?

Kylie Minogue (© PA)

Predicting the future is an inexact science at the best of times, but trying to guess what the music industry will be like in 2025 is something no sensible person would attempt.

If you'd explained to a gathering of industry bigwigs back in 1995 (the year MSN was born) that something called the internet was about to decimate their business, you'd have been laughed out of the room.

One thing they might have agreed with you on, however, is that Kylie Minogue would still be a star today (even though she was in her dodgy indie period back then).

MSN users certainly rate the Aussie pop princess's longevity. Asked as part of our Pulse of the Nation study (over 100,000 users polled) which of today's older (ie. aged over 40) music stars would still be making music in 2025, 49% voted for Ms Minogue.

Kazaa screenshot (© Rex)

As for the state of the music industry as a whole, 13% of people think illegal downloading will have killed off the charts by 2025. Interestingly enough though, more than half of the total polled won't miss them.

Most people, however, think legal downloading is the way forward.

73% think all music will be purchased in this way in 15 years, with just 26% thinking they'll still be buying CDs or (gasp) vinyl by then.

Given the reduced profits on downloads, this will clearly have an impact on the artists themselves. For this reason, 58% of people think musicians will make most of their money from touring and merchandise in 2025.

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