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Adele 'has words' with Chris Brown at Grammys 2013

Brit singer takes Rihanna's other half to task for refusing to join in Frank Ocean's standing ovation...

This is the moment when Adele gave Chris Brown a piece of her mind at the Grammys. A short while earlier, Rihanna's bad boy other half had pointedly remained in his seat during a standing ovation for bitter rival Frank Ocean, who had just won his first Grammy. Adele can be seen glaring disapprovingly at Brown in footage of the event.

Adele and Chris Brown (© Getty)

Adele takes Chris Brown to task

Nobody's sure exactly what was said but Brown looks suitably chastised. We'd love to know what the security guard in the background is thinking!

Just three weeks previously, Los Angeles police were called following reports of an altercation between Brown and Ocean over a parking space at a West Hollywood recording studio. A police report from the incident alleged that Brown threatened to shoot Ocean. Ocean later announced he would not press charges.

The mean streets of LA are one thing, dealing with an indignant mother-of-one from South London is quite another!

Things had clearly calmed down by the end of the evening, however, as Adele posed, albeit somewhat stiffly, with Brown. She also posed (more naturally, it must be said) with his arch-rival Ocean.

Adele, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean (© Getty)

Adele poses with Chris Brown (left) and Frank Ocean (right)

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