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Terrorist threat against Madonna gig following Pussy Riot support

US officials issue warning to St. Petersburg ticket holders

By james_hurley 09/08/2012 10:13

The US embassy in Russia has received information of a terrorist threat to Madonna's concert in St. Petersburg tonight (August 9).


An official statement reads: "US citizens are reminded to remain vigilant regarding their personal security, and to be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially in crowded areas."


It is unclear whether there has been a specific threat to Madonna herself but the situation is thought to relate to the singer's vocal support for jailed Russian punk band Pussy Riot.


The feminist group, currently facing up to seven years in jail for 'hooliganism motivated by religious hatred or hostility', have attracted support from a variety of music stars including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jarvis Cocker and Sting.


Madonna was initially muted in her support, saying simply that she was "sorry" to hear of their plight but has become increasingly vocal in recent days.


The Express Yourself singer stripped to reveal the band's name on her back during a concert in Moscow on Tuesday night, telling the crowd "Tonight and every night, I like to live", adding later that she was praying for the women's freedom.


Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Mariya Alekhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich were taken into custody in February after singing an anti-Putin protest song in a Moscow church.


Watch footage of Madonna expressing her support in Moscow below:


09/08/2012 16:17
One more publicity stunt for this old tart.
09/08/2012 14:43
Yep.....attention seeking.    She wouldn`t dare turn up in Iran and do this.
09/08/2012 14:33
Yes its terrible what has happened but i don't believe for one minute Madonna gives a crap. This is about publicity for her huge ego and not about the rites of others. It is the same for most celebrities, unfortunately this is the machine they all work with.
09/08/2012 16:00
Madonna...the woman that gets her **** out in the name of Feminism, thus putting the cause back 40 years!
09/08/2012 13:52
Please MSN do something about the dating messages appearing on every single comment section. Its now beyond a joke and beyond annoying. Stop just stop before everyone else just stops.

madonna was initially muted in her support, then she realised she could get massive publicity out of the plight of these women, so she is now milking it for all it is worth, heartless, self indulgent cow doesnt give a toss about anyone but herself
09/08/2012 15:09

Just remember that the Western media have been filming and showing this disturbance in Russia, which is a golden oppotunity for Madonna to adopt yet another cause and appear in the world press saying how shocking it all is and I am protesting during my tour - venues are- in Russia.

Madonna is a media vampire and will hook onto anything that gets her publicity, it's what she has done all through her career, which really should have ended about 10 years ago!

She should also lay off the steroids!

09/08/2012 14:58
what a lot of russian myself and its all public stunt! Wake up people and dont be fooled!
09/08/2012 11:35
Why didnt she do something when they were first arrested? sounds a bit like Bono using  peoples misery to fill his bank account  while pretending to be a saint milking the publicity machine
09/08/2012 14:18
@Denise Morgan "So am I to believe that this group are the only ones jailed for speaking out against Vladimir Putin. What about those people (non-musicians) in jail for years and no one supporting them. Or do you need to have the word Pu$$y in your name to get Madonna's support?"
~ Yes indeed, spot on !!
09/08/2012 15:26
No one dispute nor deny the rights of musicians to free speech, protest, or taking a stance for democracy for the people. But to abuse your position by piggy-backing on the injustices of other people's plight to seek attention for yourself is all too transparent for all to see. When Madonna steps down from the stage will she continue her protest outside the prison gates until Pu$$y Riot is released? Will any of the musicians that have made their views known stand side by side with her? I don't think so. She's just gaining and gathering material for her biography because she is a material girl desperately seeking ... I was going to say Susan.. but no, she desperately seeks attention.
09/08/2012 11:36
Life is so cruel - When some people get older, find it hard to remain in the spotlight etc, they will stoop to any means to raise their profile - SAD. Wrinkly, sinewy, sad, OLD has-been. Go away and stop embarrassing your family!!
09/08/2012 12:10

See Madonna is behaving normally, using a situation in a foreign country to give her more publicity, surprised that the Russians don't arrest her for intent to incite public violence,

Hopefull one of these days the authorities are going to take action against this woman, banned in Indonesia, surprised she was not arrested in Turkey for nudity.  She has neither shame nor honesty, she is not interested in the social situations, just what opportunity it offers her to get more media exposure.

09/08/2012 11:14
If you take Madonna's name and add a few letters, then take away a few letters, and then jumble them around a bit, you will see that it spells the word "TW*T" - how uncanny is that!
09/08/2012 12:12
Madonna can do as she pleases. But when she stirs up hatred and puts other peoples lives in jeopardy she should stop with her childish antics. She latches on to Pu$$y Riot's plight because it has the word Pu$$y in the name, no doubt., and plasters it on her back. She is aware of the fight against guns, yet she appears on stage brandishing one. Stick to the music Madonna, if that's what you still want to do, but take the terrorist threats seriously and calm down.   
09/08/2012 13:37
Interesting how everyone is attacking Madonna for her support of this group when so many others are being applauded for the same support (like Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sting, Jarvis Cocker, Pete Townshend, Yoko Ono amongst the huge international outcry against the disgusting treatment of the Russian rock band).

Double standards anyone?

09/08/2012 15:45
Even if it was true, what difference is a Madonna concert gonna do? Singing songs like Holiday, Like a Virigin, pappa don't preach? wow what a plan Madonna, you've really got what it takes to save the world...
Leave politics to politicians, and just stick to miming to your old recordings.
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